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21, Nov 2022
What Orthodontists Do

Whether you are a child or an adult, an orthodontist can help you get a beautiful, healthy smile. Orthodontic treatment involves using braces to align your teeth and jaws. These devices are usually made of ceramic, metal, or plastic. They are used to correct misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and other dental problems. They also allow you to protect your teeth from damage. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Schoettger Orthodontics invisalign

Orthodontists use specialized methods to align your teeth. Using braces, springs, and bite-correcting springs, they can correct teeth that are too far apart, too far forward, or have gaps between them. Orthodontists also work with other specialists to treat jaw problems such as underbites and crossbites. They can also repair orthodontic appliances.

Using braces is the most common method for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic braces use wires and plastic, which are attached to the teeth. They also use wax to cover sharp points on the teeth. These appliances can force you to brush more often, which will help prevent tooth decay. Some patients may also need headgear, which is used to keep the teeth aligned.

Orthodontic treatments help you achieve a healthy smile, improve your speaking abilities, and protect your teeth from damage. They can also help you restore confidence in your smile. You may need orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons, but the most common reason people visit an orthodontist is to fix their misaligned teeth.

Depending on the problem, your orthodontist can recommend different treatments. Some common treatments are metal braces, clear braces, ceramic braces, and aligners. Depending on the type of problem, you may need braces for a few months, or for several years. In some cases, you may need to have corrective surgery. You may also need to have extractions. Depending on the treatment, you may need to see an orthodontist for multiple visits. This may take longer if you have an adult malocclusion.

Orthodontic specialists study patient records to identify problems that need to be corrected. They also work with other specialists to create a comprehensive treatment plan. They also work with the patient to develop a plan for future dental care. They can also teach the patient about the importance of good oral health. Orthodontists can also perform other routine dental procedures.

Orthodontists also offer other dental services, such as cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea treatments, and dental implants. Orthodontists treat children and adults, so you can have orthodontic treatment for a wide variety of dental issues. They can also help you with other health problems. A general dentist can also recommend an orthodontist if you have a dental problem. The dentist can help you choose a dental professional who will best help you achieve your goals.

Orthodontists specialize in treating the teeth, jaws, and face. They can treat a wide range of dental issues, including overcrowding, misaligned teeth, and abnormal bites. They can also correct dental malocclusions and bad habits. They can also help you with other cosmetic dental issues, such as gaps between your teeth or a chipped tooth.