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29, Jun 2022
What Exactly is Dental Implants

If you’re interested in getting an implant, you’ve probably heard of new technology in dental implants. Today, a dental practitioner can use 3-D modeling software to plan the best implant procedure. This can reduce the cost of your implant procedure and reduce recovery time. It can even help you choose the best temporary dental implant option, which allows you to have a temporary tooth placed on the same day you have the implant. This type of dental implant can only be used in cases where you lack enough bone to secure a permanent implant. By clicking here we get info about Burbank Dental Lab
One of the new technologies used in dental implant surgery involves CBCT scanning. CBCT scans provide information about the ideal position for an implant, and a dental laboratory can create a digital plan for the final restoration. Combined with digital impressions, CBCT scans provide a highly accurate and efficient way to plan the implant procedure. This new digital workflow also allows a dentist to design a custom-made restoration, with the correct contours, in a virtual environment.
A computer-designed dental implant can lead to minimal bone loss, or even none at all. The procedure is also easier to complete because the prosthetic is set much more accurately with computer imaging rather than two-dimensional radiographs. Computer-aided design is also better for patients with health problems, such as weakened bone, as it allows doctors to see the exact location of the implant without taking any bone. Further, it is more accurate than conventional methods, so that dental implants are a great option for almost anyone.
In 2014, dental implant manufacturers recognized this dilemma and introduced the NobelParallelTM CC implant with micro-topographical surfaces to increase primary stability. In this way, the dentist can plan the placement of the dental implant based on the final restoration position and contours. Unlike traditional metal-based dentures, micro-topographical implants can improve the quality of your smile. This means less discomfort for you and a faster healing time.
If you’re interested in getting an implant, you’ll want to choose a reputable brand that has undergone years of research. You’ll want to choose a brand that’s backed by decades of research and is affordable for your treatment goals. A dental implant specialist like Dr. John Webster keeps up on the latest research in the field, so he can help you sort through all the confusing marketing materials.
The latest advancements in dental implant technology have led to fewer complications and a faster recovery time. Surgical guides have also greatly improved implant placement and are made from a computer-guided 3D imaging software. These guides can accurately mimic the intraoral setting of the patient, reducing pain and swelling in the implant site. In addition to reducing the amount of time patients spend recovering after surgery, this new technology allows you to return to your normal activities in a matter of days.
The new technology for dental implant includes digital manufacturing, which makes the final bridge stronger and requires less maintenance than traditional dentures. Depending on your specific situation, you might need a more reliable implant structure, like the All-On-4 (r) treatment concept. This type of dental implant may be an excellent solution for you if you have severe gum or systemic conditions, or have an intense personality. You may also want to consider this type of dental implant as a stepping stone to avoid dentures altogether.