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26, Jun 2022
Types of Basketball Hoops & Systems

The most basic type of basketball hoop is the wall-mounted variety. These systems are usually designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Most people can’t install a full-size basketball hoop inside their home, so they purchase a mini version to put over a doorway. This type of hoop is popular for kids’ rooms and offices. Be careful not to purchase a cheap mini version with a flimsy plastic rim and a metal frame.

Other hoops on the market offer adjustable rims and a variety of sizes. The Goalsetter Contender is a mid-sized basketball hoop with more features than the Elite, yet still maintains an affordable price tag. The Contender’s design was born from customer demand and is durable and offers a wider range of height adjustment. The Contender also has an off-set pole and a patented internal height adjustment mechanism.

While assembling a wall-mounted basketball hoop may seem easy, it is not always a simple task. Luckily, Silverback basketball goals can be set up in less than 120 minutes! This may be a good option if you don’t have time to spend an afternoon on installation. You can also purchase wall-mounted basketball hoops from Silverback and Goaliath. Some of these systems can be mounted on a driveway, but the space might not be ideal for a basketball pole. Do you want to learn more? Visit basketball systems Australia

The MegaSlam Hoops are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-quality residential basketball goal system. MegaSlam hoops come with limited lifetime warranties and have durable construction. You can also add Mega Slam Game Light, which is a powerful LED lighting system made especially for free-standing Mega Slam hoops. The Mega Slam Game Light system will also ensure that missed shots stay on the court instead of bouncing off the court or into the street.

When choosing a basketball hoop, you’ll also want to consider the backboard material. Some basketball hoops are made of polycarbonate, which is a fairly durable plastic. However, it will begin to lose quality after five years of use if it is exposed to sunlight. Unlike other types of plastic backboards, polycarbonate hoops tend to be more flexible than steel ones. However, a steel backboard will bounce on shots more harshly.

While this type of hoop is not the most durable, it is much more durable than the acrylic variety. Its translucent backboard is 6 feet wide by 3.5 feet tall. Its metal rim measures 18 inches in diameter. It is important to remember to buy a backup backboard for an NBA game, as players broke a few during their career. Once you’ve decided on the type of basketball hoop you’re looking for, make sure you check the backboard’s weight and durability.

The prices of basketball hoops vary widely, from as little as $50 to over $2000. Some of the more expensive hoop models are the ones with the most features, but are also the most durable. You’ll be surprised to learn that you can purchase a decent quality mini basketball hoop for under $200. A large portable basketball hoop will cost around $400, while an in-ground one may run up to $2000 or more.