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19, Jul 2022
The Role of an Insurance Agency

As an agency owner, you are actively searching for insurance producers to join your team. There are many applicants, and you may be wondering how to hire insurance agents successfully. Despite the many applicants you receive, most agency owners end up getting burned in the hiring process. You may have tried your best to recruit good candidates but still are struggling to find the best talent. Here are some tips for hiring insurance agents. You will not be alone in your struggle to find the right insurance agent for your team. Do you want to learn more? Visit San Angelo insurance broker.

Consider hiring someone who has a side gig. Some insurance companies value applicants with entrepreneurial endeavors. Though this may not be on their resume, it may be a good fit. Statistics show that 43% of full-time workers have a side gig. Ask prospective agents if they have any side gigs. They may be doing something they love on the side to earn money. Asking these people about their side hustles can help you decide if they are the right fit for your team.
Make sure your insurance agents are paid what they’re worth. If you’re a young agent, you’ll need to pay them accordingly. Many young agents have families to support, and are looking for the best opportunity to gain financial stability. Research average salaries for entry-level insurance agents and adjust accordingly. Ensure that your prospective producers have job advancement opportunities. There is nothing worse than working in a dead end job. In your job description, mention the opportunities for upward mobility.
Ask customers for help. Not only will customers appreciate the effort you put into asking them, but it will reinforce your values. One-on-one meetings, phone calls, email channels, and social media can all be great avenues for this. Besides, you can also consider hiring a local agent, if he or she has a background in the field. And if you can’t afford to hire a high-powered agent, at least you can look for a promising student.
When looking for a life insurance agent, it’s important to consider his or her sales record. Most agencies base their hiring decisions on production alone. But even the best seller can destroy the morale of the entire team by displaying a toxic attitude. A toxic attitude is difficult to overcome and rarely worth the effort. The worst thing you can do is try to convince such a person to change. So, hiring an agency with a great sales record is vital to your overall success.