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18, Jul 2022
Graze Craze Franchise- Info

A charcuterie franchise offers a business model that includes the production and sale of a high-quality, low-priced charcuterie board. One board sells for about $40, but the cost to make one is less than $20. That means you’ll make around $10 per hour. But you should keep in mind that starting a charcuterie franchise requires significant initial start-up capital. By clicking here we get info about Graze Craze Franchise

Graze Craze is one such brand, offering a customizable grazing experience. Located at 1101 Ohio Dr. #116 in Plano, this new concept is headed by US Air Force veteran Kerry Sylvester. Franchise owners can choose to focus on their local area or expand nationwide. Graze Craze provides ongoing support and training to its franchisees. Its mission is to “elevate the charcuterie experience.”
The concept of a charcuterie board has roots in the fifteenth century in France. Charcuterie is a collection of cheeses, cured meats, plain vegetables, and other gourmet foods served on a wooden board. It’s a popular way to impress guests on a budget. Anderson’s largest startup cost was a sixty-dollar wooden charcuterie board. He serves 30 guests with this board.
Graze Craze is a modern fast-casual charcuterie franchise. It features concierge-level customer service and high-end food. The concept is unique in that each location has its own custom-made charcuterie board. Graze Craze also offers catering and takeout services. In addition to charcuterie boards, Graze Craze locations feature bespoke charcuterie boards. Franchise owners should focus on providing a quality dining experience for their customers.