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17, Jun 2022
How QC Kinetix Can Treat Your Pain

The business model for QC Kinetix is based on a model that consists of highly affordable non-physician labor. Franchisees are able to provide the same quality services as physician specialists at lower prices. Franchisees are provided with a Confidential Operations Manual, which outlines important marketing and operational procedures. Franchise owners leverage pre-approved technology systems and tools to create a successful and profitable practice. Do you want to learn more? Visit QC Kinetix (Academy).

The QC Kinetix clinic in Pittsburgh offers regenerative medicine treatments using proprietary biologic protocols. Patients will enjoy long-term effects, rapid recovery and a highly personalized treatment. Patients can expect individualized care from highly trained staff. And QC Kinetix takes pride in offering personalized, unmatched results for every patient. So, how can you benefit from their innovative treatments? Read on to learn more about how QC Kinetix can treat your pain.
QC Kinetix is proud to partner with Emmitt Smith, a professional football player and winner of Dancing With the Stars. Smith knows firsthand how beneficial these treatments are for pain management and relieving musculoskeletal discomfort. And he says that pain is one of the biggest reasons he’s a pro-lifer. QC Kinetix uses biotechnology to help athletes and regular people combat pain.
Franchisees enjoy a concierge-level experience that is convenient for patients. They can focus on managing their clinics and hiring management staff, while still keeping their day job. The franchise model provides a proven, market-tested business model. In addition, franchisees can expand their professional reach. Franchisees can choose to operate one or two clinics and partner with non-licensed investors. Franchisees benefit from access to an extensive network of proven operating systems, equipment suppliers and effective marketing programs.
The clinic provides comprehensive non-surgical treatment for patients suffering from arthritis and musculoskeletal pain. The team of doctors at QC Kinetix will examine the root cause of your symptoms and create a tailored treatment plan for you. Treatment is pain-free and requires no downtime, which allows patients to return to normal activities sooner. Most patients are able to go back to work and resume their active lifestyle following treatment at QC Kinetix.
There are many benefits to joining a medical franchise group like QC Kinetix. You won’t need to be a medical expert to earn a lucrative income from a QC Kinetix clinic. Regardless of your area of specialty, you’ll be motivated by the mission of improving the lives of your patients. Plus, QC Kinetix franchisees have great flexibility in their schedules. This means they can set their own hours


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