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19, May 2022
All About Mommy Makeover Surgery

If you’re considering a Mommy Makeover surgery, the first step is to determine whether you are emotionally ready to undergo this procedure. Most moms wait until their kids are older and more independent before undergoing the procedure. The goal of this procedure is to help a mom restore her body to its pre-baby weight, or at least a similar weight. Depending on the type of surgery you have chosen, this process could last several hours or even a few days. Visit Mommy Makeover Surgery

The Mommy Makeover can address more than one complaint, and it may be beneficial to combine several procedures if you’re unhappy with the results of your previous surgeries. However, combining procedures can lengthen your recovery time and increase the risk of complications. Besides, you should be in good health, not smoke, and have someone to take care of you during recovery. Recovery time can be anywhere from three to four weeks depending on your particular procedure. If you have young children, you should arrange for someone to care for them during the first few days after surgery.

Pregnancy and childbirth can alter your body contour. Your tummy may stretch out past its capacity to bounce back, leaving you with unwanted rolls and irregularities. You may also lose the volume of your breasts, or develop stubborn pockets of fat that resist diet and exercise. The right combination of procedures can improve your body’s appearance and confidence, and help you achieve a happy outcome. If you’re not satisfied with your current figure, a mommy makeover surgery can help you restore your pre-baby look.

While the results of a Mommy Makeover vary from patient to patient, they usually address the following: deflated breasts, stretch marks, and extra skin around the midsection and thighs. Some mommies even opt for arm lifts or thigh lifts. But, if you have more children, it’s best to postpone your plastic surgery until after the birth of your child. Your surgeon can recommend the right procedure for your needs.

The physical changes you undergo during pregnancy can’t be fixed by diet and exercise alone. A mommy makeover is a combination of plastic surgeries that help restore your body back to its pre-baby shape. Typically, the procedure focuses on the breasts and tummy. After the procedure, you may need to wear a sports bra, surgical bra, or abdominal garment to recover. It’s important to note that these results can vary, so you must discuss your individual goals with your doctor prior to having the procedure.

Other mommies might want to soften their forehead lines and add volume to their lips and face. Others may want to improve the overall look of their face, but aren’t interested in plastic surgery. These mommies can also choose other cosmetic facial procedures to complement the Mommy Makeover. At Dr. Yarinsky’s Minneapolis office, you’ll find top-rated board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Thao. He’s been recognized by Readers’ Choice, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, and the Minnesota Monthly as THE BEST PLASTIC SURGEON in the state.